Is it possible to add a box for "Exact matches" in the db?

Try this link, and you’ll understand what I mean. For old songs it’s close to impossible to find out if the DB has the album/song you’re looking for or not. Mostly I find it with just searching for artist and release, but sometimes I don’t. In those cases it would be great with an “exact match”, so you’ll know for certain if it’s there or not, before adding it manually.

I don’t think exact match would help in this case. I cannot find an album titled “Clarence Carter” by Clarence Carter at all, neither here on MB nor on Discogs or Allmusic.

Best match for the album title is probably This Is Clarence Carter, but it doesn’t have the track Patches.

Patches appears on the album Patches as track no. 8. A tag lookup for this actually shows it as first result:

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It would help a lot if I got no results, since I then know I have to create a tag with that album. I know the album exists because I found it on the net (Spotify, Discography or Wikipedia are the ones I normally search in).