Is a Repress with different printed barcode a different release?

This question is about a particular release:

The scanned barcode is the same for both the original release and a repress (~1992), but although the artwork is mostly unchanged (including “West Gemany”), the barcode box has changed. It was smaller on the original release and omitted leading zero and check digit.

Everything else is similar. (obviously same glass master on both releases)

Compare with back image of the original release:

Is it a different release?

@PatriciaTegtmeier has added the images and might be interested.

I see that the barcode boxes differ. Since you have noticed it, yeah, I would think this deserves its own release page and an annotation to mention the difference.

Where is the repress release?

Is this release supposed to be the original release?


This release is the only one so far. The images picture the repress. It was originally submitted without images and no databases were linked. So it’s hard to tell if the submitted release was a repress or the original. There are no differences in scanned barcode or other identifiers.

As original editor in edit #12001216 use “full barcode” 042283525627 (and maybe also added discID?). I think it’s safe to assume this is the repress?

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Is it then?
Then there should be another original release. Unluckily mine is the repress too, so I can only add an original release with Discogs information (and maybe images from, but I can’t provide a DiscID, though I think, it will be the same (same glass master).


For sure, but with both version in the DB this will be clearer and in the futur (maybe) someone owning the original will be able to confirm or add it :slight_smile: