Hello everyone , I am Harsh Agrawal , a second year student at Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT G). I am new to open source and want to start actively contirbuting in this organisation. I am well versed with node.js , react.js , python and C++. I have worked on different projects on these fields especially node.js + mongoDB. I am willing to learn more stuff as they come my way.

Apart from programming I am highly interested in sports especially cricket and football. I am really hoping to start contributing soon and be of as much as help as possible. Can anyone guide me on how to start ?

Thank you!


Hello @harsh.agrawal and welcome to the community !

I guess the first steps would probably be to set up a local development environment.
There are instructions in our github repo readme:

I recommend using Docker, it makes getting started a lot easier.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you run into issues getting set up !

After that, well it’s just a question of finding things to improve! :slight_smile:
You can either start using BookBrainz and identify missing features, bugs, etc., or you can have a look at our ticket tracker.

Some issues are specifically labelled “good-first-bug” and are usually a good place to start:

You can also join us on our IRC channel for technical discussions (we’re on the channel “#bookbrainz”): Communication / IRC - MusicBrainz


Thank you , I will start as per the instructions! :slightly_smiling_face: