International digital releases & localization

What’s the standard way of handling international releases and their localization?

As an example, consider the following release on iTunes:

This is originally a Japanese release, and you’ll notice that the track titles in the US store have been transliterated. Should I add a Japanese release and then a separate Worldwide release with the transliterated titles? I don’t even know whether the transliteration is automatic or not, or in which countries it occurs. Or perhaps this isn’t even considered a separate release, and it should be added as a pseudo-release with the Japanese release set as Worldwide? The release on Spotify also seems to use the original Japanese titles here in the US.


For me, I’d just combine them all into a single release using the Japanese titles and then create a pseudo-release for the transliterated titles.


Seems like a single release to me for all of the stores especially since iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, mora, and Spotify share the same barcode.