Install Stalled

I’m ready to launch my stand alone server I’m just not 100% shure I understand the conf file
Ubuntu 20.04
Postgres, MusicBrainz and all dependencies were install with most current version.
My interest in having a stand alone is that almost 90% of my music collection is not available in MB yet. I’m going to need some advice as I learn and the first thing I’m trying to learn is the config file.

What is the setting for stand alone server? pg_hda.conf

I get this far and get an error I can’t find the answer to:
00h00m00s 0/0: : ERROR: There are no scenarios; must have at least one.

I’m setting up a stand alone server and haven’t found the answer to this error.

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The best thing would be to add it to MB to make it available.
If you do the hard work of adding your releases in a MB private clone, let it not be in vain. Make your time spent valuable. :wink:


I’ve install the standalone server but can not login to the administrator
I’m still a bit confused with the DBD file