Incorrectly Merged Artist

Hey everyone.

I recently saw an artist named ‘Yehu’ merged with ‘Jehu Judah’

Here is the edit link: Edit #89491533 - MusicBrainz

I am arguing with editors that these 2 a people are different or have separate artist personas, in which they perform one as a rapper and the other as a lofi producer.

Kindly Vote before it ends


Firstly, congratulations MusicRises on posting on the forums. Musicbrainz editing looks simple but it ain’t and this is the place to share, ask questions, point out areas for possible improvement and to find out how to get what you want to happen.

Perhaps relevant sections of the Musicbrainz Artist Name Style Guide read:
Performance names and legal names

Generally, use the name the artist mainly performs under as the artist name. Alternative names, including any legal names and name variations, should generally be entered as aliases, and can be used in artist credits and relationship credits when appropriate.

In some cases, a person (or, more rarely, a group) can perform under multiple names that they actually consider different projects, and not just alternative names. In that case, you should add each artist separately.

This needs to be understood alongside Musicbrainz giving Artist Intent very high weighting.
If an Artist has expressed a clear desire or intent to be known by two or more separate names then Musicbrainz obliges the Artist.

Can you show other editors this clear expression of Artist Intent?

" reached out to ‘Jehu Judah’ via Instagram and he clarified that he wasn’t Yehu".
Please share that clarification in this thread.

If other editors are confident of the clarification then they’ll vote for edits that support separating different performance names of the Artist.

EDIT: (addition) MusicRises, if you are in contact with the Artist please tell them that they can edit their own entries here on Musicbrainz. There is no problem with that here (unlike other places such as Wikipedia). We’re after accurate metadata.


Hey yeah. So when i saw that Yehu the lofi producer is merged into Jehu Judah i tried to separate it and it went for a peer review. Then someone come up and said they are the same person because of their birthplace and government name. So i went on to Jehu Judah’s Instagram and messaged him if he was the same person with as Yehu. He replied and said that he wasn’t. I asked him to update his spotify bio and he accepted my request. Since i have the proof of him not being the lofi producer i went back to the edit thread and added a note for the editor that voted no to separate the artists, the editor wasn’t cooperative and insisted that they are the same people.

Does he need to create an account and separate Yehu from his entry?

You can do that.
You just need to show other editors a clear expression of intent by the Artist to have separate names used for different projects.

Or the Artist can do that here themself.

The spotify bio starts:
“Yehu born in 2003, August 16 as Eyu Kassa is a computer programmer and multi-instrumentalist musician who grew up playing around with computers and musical instruments.”

Which doesn’t make it look like the merge is incorrect as it links Yehu with Eyu Kassa.

But what would be very clear is if you would share the Instagram in which Jehu Judah replied and said that he wasn’t the same person.

(I’m asking for this because where I come from it is pretty unusual for two people to have the same name, same birthdate and be born in the same location.)

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Hey MusicRising, things look complicated.
The image looks like the pic of Yedu. And uses the name EYU.

Might be simpler if the Artist worked out which names are on his Releases and which names he is currently using for separate projects and got them all entered in Musicbrainz either as aliases or as separate Artists.


Same is said on his OHP:

Eyu Jehu Judah Kassa II born on August 16, 2003 is a computer programmer, aspiring author, music producer, song-writer and rapper. Access his music below!

And the copyright notice at the bottom is © 2021 Jehu Judah - Design: Dr.Yehu

But it links to Jehu Judah | Spotify where I see:

Eyu Jehu Judah Kassa II aka YEHU. Musician. Not to be confused with ‘Yehu’ lofi Producer

Maybe Yehu is an ultra common name?

I’m curious to see and compare the lo-fi producer face photo with this one.

Maybe they are twins? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


well, one is Eyu Kassa II, the other is Eyu Kassa, so they are quite possibly different people. it’s also possible that information for one Eyu was added to the other in some databases (especially on a wiki)…

wouldn’t be unheard of, I’ve found two zorgs, both from Budapest myself.

edit: Yehu (lofi producer) actually doesn’t have any details about birthplace, area, or age on their Spotify (the edit in question above) or the Instagram linked there.

edit 2:

it doesn’t help that they’re both programmers… lol

after just looking at both the Spotify pages and the socials linked, I believe they are two different people.

  • Yehu (Eyu Kassa), lofi producer and multi-instrumentalist
  • Jehu Judah (Eyu Jehu Judah Kassa II), producer, songwriter, and rapper

can’t tell which is from Ethiopia, could be both though. when I get back to my computer, I can put in some votes, it’s difficult on my phone :sweat_smile:

I will also note both artists are verified on Spotify, don’t know what that means though…


I took the liberty of creating a new artist page for Yehu (lofi), that way we don’t lose the links being removed from Jehu Judah