Incorrectly merged albums

I have a CD of music from “Somewhere in Time” ( This is not the OST, but a re-recording performed by the Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by John Debney. It was incorrectly added to the Release Group for the OST, which was conducted by the composer, John Barry. No orchestra is credited, but the soloists on two tracks are different than the ones on the Debney release.

I have created a new Release Group and changed the release to the new RG. But I think the recordings must also be separated from the OST recordings, and I’m not sure how to go about that. Is there a way to do this?


I think the easiest way is to just create new recordings for the tracks on your release.


I just had a look and we are lucky that it is only the recording of the first track of the re-recording release that has been merged, so you only have to create a new recording for track one. re-used for compilation releases. So these compilations would be the releases which should get a new recording if you are sure they are not using the re-recorded version. All the other recordings are not used on any other release and can be kept (in any case).

To make the difference more obvious, the recording artists should be set to the performers, there is a userscript which automatically does that using the performance relationships. Also the release (group) artist should include both the composer and the performers as credited on the cover, probably following the classical style guidelines (i.e. “John Barry; John Debney, Royal Scottish National Orchestra” - but do not nail me on that, there are others with more experience in this area). Edit: I have now seen that you already did that for the release and voted Yes.