Incorrect information in open edits for リコリス・リコイル オリジナル・サウンドトラック②

I noticed some discrepancy of information in the open edits for リコリス・リコイル オリジナル・サウンドトラック②

I’m a small potato and am unable to add notes/votes to the edits, so I’m wondering if anyone can provide some help on this before the edits close. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong channel/workflow. Please advise if that’s the case. :pray:

My notes:

  • Catalog should be ANZX-15308 for the CD (ANZX-15307 is the Bluray disc instead)
  • Entry type should probably be Soundtrack (not Single)
  • Tracklist should be corrected (It is listing soundtrack 1 instead, as noted by joshypop11)


Thanks much!

I’ll fix it. There isn’t an official Style guideline for cataloging Anime enclosures, but how I prefer it is how it was done before my time here:

  • Like VGMdb, I use the enclosed disc’s catalog number rather than the video product-as-a-whole’s catalog number.
  • Unlike VGMdb, I prefer using a Japanese text title, rather than the usually-English graphic design that VGMdb tends to go with.

Thanks much, @yindesu!

should we not add both catalog numbers? it is technically possible, and that way it’s findable by either (or both) catalog numbers.

Since before my time, we’ve excluded the main disc of video products (as well as the catalog number of the video disc). I don’t see a good reason to change decades-old precedent to include both at the release level. It can even be misleading in the case of first-press only editions that re-use the first part of the catalog number, but don’t include the enclosed audio disc (everything from KADOKAWA / MEDIA FACTORY).

STYLE-2118 would formally codify that the main disc of a video product that isn’t something like a concert should be excluded, and the Style Leader didn’t raise any objections to the enclosure part of it.

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