Inconsistent title in multiple release

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Inconsistent title on multiple release

The cover art does not have any title.

CD = isn’t exactly helpful = thinkover. CONVERGENCE = thinkover.CONVERGENCE = thinkover.CONVERGENCE = thinkover,convergence

My question is if there aren’t any title in the covert art, what release should I follow? from what I know diverse system special website is the main one and we should follow it instead because it’s the same as CD.

Bandcamp release sometimes have inconsistent capitalization and spacing. Should i just rebadge CD release and slap bandcamp link?
We all know that Japanese has it’s own style, so don’t use spotify, itunes, and deezer because they normalize everything.

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You have the CD photos and official homepages (OHP), here.
Don’t look any further, IMO.

CD photos is the best and you don’t need OHP.
But if it was only a download release without CD photos, OHP would have been the best.

There is no need to worry about any store listings.

1 Like and are both OHP, both of them have different spacing. Cover art doesn’t have any title, disc title have different line, obi is questionable.

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I would look at what the Artist has had the most input into and use that. Spotify can be ignored as a just a shop with a track record of errors.

Bandcamp has a big involvement of the artists, as well as the home website. (For example thinkover,calmdown is also no space) I would take the majority option and go without the space.

Looking down the Bandcamp page the label does have a consistent way with punctuation and no spaces. thinkover.CONVERGENCE