Incomplete Release Additions


Why is it that release submissions that are missing what I would consider to be essential information allowed? In my opinion, a release submission without the track times should not be accepted. Here’s an example…

I’m also surprised about that, because amazon, allmusic and discogs list the lengths of the individual tracks. The editor was probably not diligent enough (you can also write it more clearly).
I’m in favor of those entries being blocked.

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A lot of information is often not available, hence what you consider essential might be unknown at time of submission. Actually not even the track listing itself is mandatory, it is possible to add releases without track lists because sometimes the only information is that a certain release exists, but the exact track listing is unknown. this can be especially true for older releases.

Now in this case the track times are available on e.g. Discogs, so they should be added to the release. Maybe you even have the CD itself, in which case you could submit the disc ID for the most accurate durations.


I’ve submitted an edit to modify the release but I’m stuck until it’s completed. I could have just added a new release but that still wouldn’t have addressed the issue…

What are you doing that requires having the track times specifically? Normally, I’d expect if you have the files you already know the times, and if not then you have bigger issues than not knowing the times.

Anything that is correct data is better than not having the data at all - we’d much rather it was improved later, rather than hoping someone else will add it all but perfectly this time. And that’s what you’ve done, so thanks! I’ve approved the changes.


I’m tagging music. In the edits that I submitted, the track times/length were obtained from the audio files that I produced after ripping the disc. I don’t own the disc and the person who does has left the region where I reside. Before they left, I captured other info like the barcode, etc…

@ebozzz, you did it fine.

Thanks for the approval!