Inaccurate search Editor results

When I search for Editor Echelon, the search engine returns too many (twice as many) results than needed.

Below is the nickname Echelon69, the next nicknames do not contain the word “Echelon”.

However, searching for the word “doors” as Artist works perfectly. This word is everywhere.

The results are correct. By default not only name but also bio is searched.

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Almost everyone has a 0 in stats.

thats a spambot account :wink:

most of these were purged, you just happened to find one that wasnt

I thought so. :wink:

Can I report other such accounts via Report at the bottom of the page?

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can do but last time i did it i got told off as it apparently blocks up the review system - but IMO we should do everything we can to nuke these spam accounts as it reduces the quality of the project

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It can check when the user last logged in.

If he hasn’t done it for a year, send him an e-mail, e.g. “Your account has not been used for a year. Log in. If you do not do it within a month, your account will be suspended and then deleted.”

waste of time, its obviously a noddy spam account by the description and that it has no edits

the account was clearly created for “SEO” purposes so it has no value to anyone

Well, yes, but we need to come up with an automatic account verification method, because we can’t manually check all accounts for “SEO” purposes.

We only manually moderate actively spamming accounts (e.g. they are opening spam edits).

Reasons for this:

  • We have hundreds of thousands or millions of these accounts in MB, I can find enough to manually moderate to keep me busy for years without anyone filing a report
  • Google/etc crawlers have been blocked for bios, so it doesn’t help anyone’s SEO
  • There is a open project to automatically purge all these

I think @reosarevok is travelling, but he has the automatic removal of a large amount of these in the pipeline, I believe? I can’t find the ticket right now sorry!

There are some open tickets re. preventing these accounts, if anyone is interested in picking them up, or making new ones. There’s probably some low hanging fruit, it’s just that core MeB updates have taken priority for the team.



User Echelon123 does not have email.

How is this possible?

Because it never verified the address. That’s not surprising, there’s tons of users like that.

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Maybe ask him “Why?”

or create mandatory verification.

We do plan to automatically delete non-verified accounts after a period of time eventually. But these existing don’t hurt in any way, for now.

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If the user had zero activity, there is no problem with deleting him.

Some people make literally a few edits to trick the admin. :wink:

Just a question out of curiosity: under what nickname will the deleted user’s edits be?

If this Echelon123 editor is deleted someday, it will be renamed to Deleted Editor #2250230.

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@jesus2099 how about this? :wink:

After you corrected the post, it’s clearer now.

I’ve seen nicknames like that, but I thought someone called themselves that as a joke. :wink:

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Could you give an example of “spam edits”?

Where do spammers place their http or www link?

I guess it’s adding fake releases for spam.
Fake spam data in the MB DB.
They’re deleted.