Can we ask for improvements somewhere?
there are so many places this program could be improved…
the first one is date format. i keep forgetting you dont use modern standards - its some odd order thats not logical. To change this would be a nice start…

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I’m assuming you mean Picard (I’ve moved the post to the Picard subforum). If so, yes: our bug tracker.

What is a modern standard in this case? Unless I’m mistaken, Picard uses Year-Month-Day, which is actually the international date standard.


Yes @BigJonMX we can ask for improvements of the whole Music Brainz website not only the Picard app! Just start a forum topic about what you want to improve, so we members all can discuss with you, your topic of improvement :wink:

Feature requests are better posted on the ticket tracker. If a given feature request needs extended discussion, then sure, open a topic here, but for most feature requests it’s probably plenty fine to just make a ticket.


Thank you all for the replies.

yes the date is y-m-d. i’m not sure why I was getting a different format in one area. maybe I’d spent too much time reading about elections and fried my brain. Its all working great now.