Imported Data, Deleted Data, Re-Imported--Chart fix?

Hey! I set up my to import to my ListenBrainz and I found that it had a few of my artists off by hundreds (in some cases 1000) of plays and, in an attempt to fix it, I cleared my data and reimported it. It appeared this time that my data imported correctly (no error message), but instead of my charts adjusting accordingly, it looks like my actual plays got dumped on top of my incorrect ones, and now my charts are reading doubly inaccurate. Any way to fix this? Clear/refresh my charts and reports? Would love to know! Thank you.

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If the listens show up without duplicates in your profile, then the charts will automatically get fixed around December 2.

(We fix multiple import issues twice a month, once during the beginning of the month and second time around the middle. One reset happened just yesterday, so will have to wait a few days for the next one.)

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ok! thank you for letting me know