Import info from alt source

Recently I tried to look up a cd in Picard. it gave me incorrect info. However I was able to get the correct info from a program Music Collector. This allowed me to find my cd via barcode or title Once this was supplied it was able to export a cdplayer.ini That I would to be able to import in to picard and label the cd correctly.

Thank you

Since you give no info about the concerned release, not easy to help you.

But Picard is using MusicBrainz database, check if the CD release you have exists in the database, may be it does, but has no discid attached.
In any case, you can fix it by adding infos from your CD in the database.

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The version of Picard is the current release. My CD was not in the data base. The database used by CLZ Music had it. I found it via bar code. CLZ program can generate a CD recorder.ini with all the meta data. I want to be able to. Import that into Picard as to lable my CD. It would be great to be able also to import this into musicbrainz as well