Images to wrong version

This item here

has the info for the 1993 release (check the Discogs link) but the images for the 2003 re-issue (slightly different artwork, one different bonus track, different barcode).

What would be the best way to fix this? I can only think of removing the mages from this entry, add the 2003 entry and add them there.



Nicely spotted. Not unusual for this to happen. Not everyone pays attention to the versions.

No simple way to “move” images. All you can do is delete them and re-upload.

Reupload is either via grabbing the zip at Internet Archive:

Or using the Enhanced Cover Art Uploads userscript to copy\paste links across…


Thanks for the explanation!

I installed the userscript but could not find the Copy so had nothing to Paste. So I downloaded and uploaded all the images.

Go to the source Cover Art tab and copy the original links.

Then you can paste these URLs in the Cover Art uploader, I guess.

If you had pasted the URL of the MB Release page you wanted to Copy from into the URL box of the target it would have automated everything - including naming the art types.

The script is based round the idea of - go find all the art that is linked on the page of this URL I give you.


Aha! Thanks for that explanation. I will find a use case soon enough to try this!

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