Image doesn't show up / can't upload image

Can someone tell me what’s the matter with the images of Garth Brooks - Beyond the season ?
The message is: Image not available yet, please try again in a few minutes.
But I waited some days and tried again, nothing happened.
Uploading new images only for this release doesn’t work either.

If you click on “original” to get to the CAA you get this error message:

Item not available

The item is not available due to issues with the item’s content.

I assume this indicates a copyright issue?


but why can’t I upload new images?

:warning: Error uploading image

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Well if there really is a copyright issue then I’d guess it’s somehow blocked.
I might be totally off here though.

PS: For some other recent uploads I get this error on the CAA:

The item you have requested has a problem with one or more of the metadata files that describe it, which prevents us from displaying this page.

Items may be taken down for various reasons, including by decision of the uploader or due to a violation of our Terms of Use.

While others again display normally.

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I think those are just the usual CAA lagginess. I was able to open the orginal of Indian (but not the renditions) and renditions of the first two Funcrusher Plus images are now appearing.

The Garth Brooks case looks like something different, though. They’re not recent uploads, they date to 2016.

Today was a bad day for the CAA Website Hamsters. Uploading was jammed for much of the (UK) afternoon for me. Picard even started to give up on the artwork downloads as well.

Then suddenly all came back to life again late in the day. It was suddenly flying at high speed. Hamsters have been fed

Oddly though the MB link you supply is still borked…

( The images are sitting at Discogs if you just need a quick download )

I knew that images for this release are on discogs. And that is why I tried to upload them again and I got :warning: Error uploading image

My understanding is it’s exactly that. There’s supposedly a state called “darkened” that releases whose cover art has been DMCA’d are put in, that prevents more images from being uploaded for them.

Someone please correct me if I got something mixed up…


Not sure what is the cause but I have run into on two Garth Brooks releases. I ended up creating a completely new release in the release group then uploaded all of the cover art then merged the old one into the new one and everything worked for both releases. If it was a copyright thing in the past maybe it is fixed now. Last time he was in town he said he has changed management and recording company relationships and has control over his music now. I have every album and I think all the box sets and will be fixing them as they come up in the ingest stack.

CAA was having difficulties at the time, as you can see at


CAA had difficulties at this time is not the reason for this problem.
The reason is that when I tried to upload images to to this release added in 2005 it failed several times. Looking at the history, I found that in 2018 another user was trying to upload images, and that also failed.
The replication of this release with “mb_SUPER-MIND-CONTROL-II-X-TURBO/Clone release” and the upload of the pictures to this replica led to success . So the procedure of therealdero was correct
Now the replicated release and the original release have to be merged to finish the task.

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We would need an indicator and not provide the upload button in cases like that.

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From what I remember, the darkened state is supposed to do just that (gray out the cover art tab and such). I don’t remember if it was ever successfully implemented, though.

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