I'm new and I need help

Hi everyone! After uploading my collection to Discogs, I’m investigating Musicbrainz, but they’re very diferent and it’s getting me some time to get around some things.
Since English is not my main language, there are some things from the documentation I’m not fully understanding, so I hope you could help me.

1-Should I add the album producer relationship on each recording or at a release level?

2-If the release has a “Chorus Producer” should I add it as “Producer”? Should this be on each recording where the chorus performs? Is there a way to identify him as a Chorus Producer instead of the album producer?

Thanks everyone…


You are welcome here, @macaumetal.

If you know the producer was involved on all tracks, put them at recording level.

Sometimes there are bonus tracks, produced by someone else, so take care to link the correct artists.

Sometimes there are 2 producers and we don’t know who produced what, in this case, you link the two artists to the release.

First you must decide for chorus producer whether you will use producer (credited as chorus producer) or as a chorus master (credited as chorus producer).

Then you must decide if you link the release (safest) or if you link relevant recordings (sometimes it can be difficult to know if the choir is present on certain tracks, or if it’s the lead singer overdubbing their backing vocals).


Thanks for the response.

So, in this case:

Oscar Holleman is credited as Producer on the track “Mea Culpa” but on the booklet he is credited as a Chorus Producer on this track.
Where would I add the “Chorus Producer” specification? because I understand that the “Credited as” text field is for a name variation.
Sorry if I’m not understanding, but I need to get used to the interface and mechanics of Musicbrainz.
Thanks again!

I don’t think it is currently possible to use an alias here. This seems to be possible with instruments, only.
So if this guy produced the chorus recordings, I would go ahead and add him as producer (at least of a part of the recording)

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Oh yes sorry, it’s only possible for instruments!

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Yes actually he was already added as just “Producer” on the tracks he is credited for.

Still I’m finding musicbrainz very confusing, and “static” or generic in some aspects. Maybe I haven’t learned to use it the right way yet, but not having roles like layout, artwork, research, or add some clarifiying text (like in this case) BUT being able to add a “credited as” on the instruments just don’t make sense to me.

Anyway I’ll keep investigating

Thanks for everything

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I use it when the instrument is called slightly differently (mostly in non English releases) but I know it’s this instrument.

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I use it also when a particular famous manufacturer is credited, e.g. grand piano credited as “Bösendorfer”
Or if I’m not really sure what kind of instrument is credited at all: sampler (?) credited as “loop treatment” :wink:

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