If you don't enter ALL the track times it won't save any of them

Just added one of the many variants of this Crowded House release https://musicbrainz.org/release/115390e1-359d-4855-a830-7c2a337ed5bf

This is the 2002 first issue of the version with just one CD and the DVD. I’ve tried two times to enter the track times from the CD but apparently since I can’t fill in ALL the times including the video lengths, it refuses to save any of them.

How do I make it CD+DVD when that’s not an option in the format list?

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Kia ora!

It can be a bit confusing at first - your edits have been entered, they are just waiting to be accepted/giving people time to vote (as you can imagine, this is a necessary evil to be able to safeguard the data).

You can see your open votes here, including adding the times:

Re CD + DVD, the DVD should be added as a second ‘medium’ - You can do this by going to edit > tracklist > and then ‘add medium’ at the very bottom. Then you can move over the DVD tracks.

Hope that helps!

Edit: Weird that it considers adding some track times worth voting on - but maybe there’s been issues before…


OK, got it changed to have separate lists for the CD and the DVD. The DVD has a PowerPoint file with the track times, except for the bonus track.

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