If there's no known official work title, should the unofficial title be [in brackets]?

so, I looked through the documentation, and I didn’t find an answer.

if a work was never officially given a title, whether because it was never officially released, a hidden track, what have you, should the work title be put in brackets, like unknown track titles? or should they be given the most common fan title(s) without brackets?

so far, I’ve [bracketed] any unofficial titles anywhere (works, series, release groups, etc.), but I wanted to get some input before I continue doing so

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Yes, see Style / Unknown and untitled / Special purpose track title - MusicBrainz for details.


indeed, that’s the one place I found anything about unknown titles period. I’m just confirming the same should apply to other entities, namely works

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  • The recording and work used for the track will normally be also [untitled], but if the track is given an official name in another release, the recording and work should be updated.
  • If the track is widely known under an unofficial name, you can use that name between square brackets (conforming to the Capitalization Standard) as track name instead.

Personally I would interpret the second point to apply to Works as well.


I don’t see a big reason for this to be done differently for works, in any case :slight_smile: