If file name already exists dont rename or move/copy

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i there some code out there to stop the music track being written to the already existing folder so as not to create multiple copies

this is the script im using

$noop(various artist sort by compilation name)

$set(comment,tagged by schmiffy)

$lower($left($if2(%albumartistsort%, %artistsort%),30)/

$lower($firstalphachar($if2(%album%, %albumartistsort%),))\

$left(%album%,45) \ $if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%album% cd%discnumber%, %album% ) - $num(%tracknumber%,2) -

$left(%artist%,30) - $left(%title%,30)),

$noop(artist sort)


$set(title,$rreplace(%title%,\s\(feat. [^)]+\),))

$lower(/%artist%/%album%/%artist% -

$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%album% cd%discnumber%,%album%) - $num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%))

it looks like this
artists/m/mark ronson/version/mark ronson - version - 01 - god put a smile upon your face.mp3

various artists/a/acid jazz classics/acid jazz classics cd1 - 04 - stereo mcs - step it up.mp3
first time posting so forgive me if its not right

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I don’t fully understand your question. Currently Picard does not copy, only move files.

How does it happen that the same file already exists at the target folder? Is this because of duplicate files in your music collection?

If this is about using Picard to detect duplicates in your collection, the easy answer is that Picard currently does not have specific support for this. But there are several discussions in this forum with tips and ideas to deal with duplicates.


sorry to confuse, my question should have read my music library is spread over multiple discs and usb sticks for playing on various players some were moved to the locations and some copied now i want to put them back in a central library but not if the files already exist