If anyone can have a look at this entry in the DB

I’m new to this, so I don’t want to screw things up.

This entry seems completely wrong according to

I wouldn’t say it is completely wrong, but it is definitely not the release you linked to. We need to find the correct release this entry is based on. It originally got imported from FreeDB, but there is not much information otherwise.


It looks like this 1995 compilation:

I’m on mobile right now and it difficult to see all details, but currently I 5hink the release should be updated to properly reflect this compilation.


@Norse12 - have you spotted the Edit History link on the right hand side of the Release page?


That is very handy for working out how much to trust the current data when you spot issues like this. You get an idea of where the release originated from, how old the data is, and how much effort went in to the initial database entry.