If an image is back of the tray

Hmm, I would remove ‘front’ from the second pic as well… but it’s not technically wrong… and MB does love being technically correct :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just not particularly helpful to have that tag on there imo.

At least removing ‘back’ is certainly correct.


That was my thought as well. I’m a Plex user, and if this were the only image with the “Front” tag, Plex would use the image as the album cover, which is certainly not optimal.

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If there was no other cover at all I would be more tempted to leave it as booklet + front, actually! (only theoretically possible, because I wouldn’t be able to resist cropping out/adding the cover)

Different needs for different users, as always.

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“Technically” front and booklet. NEVER a “back”.

Booklet makes more sense… but some people like marking anything page one of “booklet” as also “front”… so “meh”

If this is the only front, then it would be better than nothing and likely to nudge someone to download and crop it… (@aerozol thinks like me on this and knows a crop take 60 seconds to download, crop, upload… bish, bosh, done)

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I do that is if it legitimately is both the front of the release and a booklet, i.e. jewel case releases.


I’d remove it too.

Question: What happens if Picard was configured to include ‘front’ but exclude ‘booklet’? Will it download both or neither. If I’m understanding the documentation correctly neither will be downloaded. This can’t be desired, can it?

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I’d remove Front from the second image, but only if the first image existed. So, the second image becomes just booklet… but what when the first one doesn’t exist?

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Download, crop, upload… jobs a good 'un

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What do you use for cropping?

I use paint.net cos it is free and simple to use and does all I need. But every art app crops - even Windows Paint

So, is there a rule that there should be at least one image that includes type Front?

  • Front, sticker
  • Front, Obi
  • Front

There is no rule, only guidelines. And different people interpret them in different ways.

The main reality is “front” is the thing you see. But this also can appear as “front, sticker” “front, obi”, “front, booklet”, “front, medium” as all of those items can appear in the same image.

I’ve also uploaded “front, other, sticker” when I do a scan of the whole jewelcase as I want to show sticker on the outside of a clear jewelcase that also has the tray image showing through…

Personally I always try and upload a single “front” first. No matter what else follows.

I try and bear in mind that some people only download a single image. So I try and make sure they get something clean as a “front”.

ok guidelines… but they need to be clear

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No matter how clear, someone always misreads them. :crazy_face: Look at all the “backs” we have got in random places based on how English works. (Looks at OP, looks at guideline… :roll_eyes:)

We can try to write words, but it ends up we just have to correct it… lead by example…

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If there’s no other “front” image, I don’t mess with it, or, if I’m feeling industrious, I’ll find one, or download/crop/replace as Ivan says.

The main motivation for me is that, as the documentation says, "The image with type front which is closest to the first position will be used as the release front cover (and displayed in the sidebar)." I assume that apps that query MB for album art probably do the same.

I don’t use Picard for gathering images, so I’ve never had reason to look at that documentation, but I read it the same way you do. That does throw a wrench in the works. If Picard really acts that way, then the advice of adding both Front and Booklet to a CD cover was in error. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I tested this on the OP’s linked release ( Release “Blind Windows” by Nash the Slash - Cover Art - MusicBrainz )

Block booklet and you don’t get a front because the front here is marked “front, booklet”, but not “booklet”

Leave booklet in the middle coloum and you do get the “front,booklet”.

The block list is a strict “block all references to” list and over-rides the Includes list.