I think I just made a mess

Hi folks

very new here and was only here as I want to get my band’s music on BBC Introducing; they require a Music Brainz ID. So I set things up and found that I’ve somehow credited the 2 albums Greenheart have done to the wrong act (also on here but now disbanded). I find this database stuff very impenetrable, but also, what a find! I can see the power of a database for music. Would appreciate some help with what to do next!

Thanks all James


You should first make sure that there’s an Artist entity for your band. Right now it seems like there’s only one Greenheart in the database. One that was founded in 1990 in Perth, Scotland. If this is you, great! Everything is already as it should be! But you seem to indicate that this is not you, so:

Follow the instructions at BBC Landing Page - MusicBrainz until and including “Adding links to the artist”. Once you have your new and correct Artist entity, copy the URL of that page (e.g., the current Greenheart’s URL is “https://musicbrainz.org/artist/26fd6484-775b-4b40-8910-932eb659151a”, yours would look similar but have a different MBID (the sequence of numbers and letters at the end)). Then open up the releases you added and paste the URL into the “Artist” field:
Screenshot-2017-9-11 Rhubarb City - Edit Release

A tickbox should pop up below that says “Copy the release artist credit to the release group”, tick this. The Tracklist tab should automatically update all tracks to use the name/proper Greenheart, but on the Recordings tab you should scroll to the bottom and select “Copy all track artist credits to associated recordings.” to make sure all recordings get updated along with the Release, Release Group, and Tracks. After this, your “Edit Note” tab should look similar to this (I used a random artist here, so the artist change will look differently for you (I’m also not going to submit these edits :wink: ):


Musicbrainz supports having multiple artist with the same name.
From your description you reused an existing entry by mistake.

I have added a new entry and am creating edits to move your changes to this new entry.

Could I get an auto editor to approve the first set of edits before approving my changes to move.

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I still consider myself new, so let me dispense some newbie wisdom —
The reason he needs someone to approve certain edits is because (the brief version) some edits require a 7 day wait before going live.
Also worth noting (because this is what got me at the start) is that changes made to one page will change things on other related pages. For me, coming from Wikipedia, I was accustomed to every page being its own entity. But not here. Here, there is a lot less free form writing and a lot more filling out forms. Which, is a good thing, because once you get certain information written, it will auto-populate the next time it needs written.


Wow thanks for that Daniel

do I need to do anything else for now?

Thank you folks

it IS a glorious thing this and I have much respect for all concerned - thanks for your help. It feels like I won’t be much of an editor however, maybe just to flag up new music in the world

Hell, I haven’t even started editing my own stuff yet. I thought it would be better to mess up, err, um, I meant “learn” on other people’s pages first.

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You don’t need to do anything else, but you could now fill in the details for the artist and the releases.

For example:

  • Go to the Greenheart Artist page, hit the edit tab, and fill in additional details like date and place of the bands founding, links to their homepage and to other pages like Wikipedia and Allmusic, and IPI and ISNI codes.
  • You can create artist entities for each of the members of the band, then connect them to the band with “Member of” relationships.
  • On the pages for each of the releases, you can create works for each of the songs (check for existing works for any cover versions). Then you can assign the song writing credits to the works.
  • Also in the release page, you can add info about who did what on the individual songs (called “recordings” in the database). Guitarist, drummer, producer, engineer, etc, can all be added here.

Here’s the link to the Musicbrainz beginners guide:

This is the part of the beginners guide that deals with the relationship editor where you add the info to releases.


Thank you Billy!

One thing I noticed on the releases, you don’t specify a format. The packaging says “Digipak”, which is a CD package, but there’s also a download link which would be Digital Media. You should true those up. If the album is only available as digital download, then set the medium type to “Digital Media” and set packaging to “None”. If it’s available as both a download and a CD, then there should be two releases in the release group, one for the digital and one for the physical.