I thing this might need an auto editor...?



There seem to be the same recordings used as different tracks in the two releases from this release group:

Looks like someone before me already tried to fix it but made it worse so…

I adjusted the track titles according to the durations of the recordings on one release. After that edit goes trough, the tracks from the other release ẃill probably have to be switched to the right recordings ( which will then have the wrong titles)…?

Not sure how to finish this. Wait until the edit goes trough? Or should I just cancel now and let an auto editor do the whole thing from the start?

edit: checked again, and according to the acoustid it might already be associated the right way in the other release, so maybe that one edit will already do the trick after all? Either that or BREAK EVERYTHING BECAUSE I’M SO UTTERLY CONFUSED NOW :smiley:


It is a bit confusing, but looking at your edit I think that’s all it’s going to take!
Sometimes it’s best to wait for edits to go through, and then have another look to try make sense of what’s happened/still has to happen, even for seasoned editors > <


Ok, thanks!

I might have overestimated the reach of the edit and the prior “track/recording-swaps” a little at first. Guess I’ll just wait and hope stuff doesn’t explode (and then check if the acoustids are still in the right place afterwards) :wink:


Nice, this really does happen a lot when fixing something that’s a big derpy…
What I often do is add a tag like ‘_check back later’ to the release/ artist/ whatever, so I don’t have to worry about remembering to come back later. Makes life much easier.

Then when you’re bored in future you can check your tag page and see what you have to do/check up on. eg:
Looking pretty good there though, I can rest easy!!