I probably should have looked into this before I did it but it didn't occur to me until after

I just added a bunch of old releases to a retired project: The Dry Path - MusicBrainz

These releases have no label so I’m just going to assume that you’re not going to be too terribly concerned but it occurred to me that a lot of the music in these releases can no longer be found online so I was just wondering if that would be a problem and if I should remove them. I was looking through the FAQ and I couldn’t find anything that would say this is problematic but I just want to make sure.


Please don’t remove anything you contributed. A better idea would be to add annotations to the affected releases and/or release groups explaining that the content contained therein is no longer available.


Okay, thank you, I will do that.

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On the contrary I would say. Information about historic acts or releases, or rather unknown or obscure bands and musicians are very welcomed here. As MusicBrainz tries to be as comprehensive as possible and is open to both popular and niche music this seems like a great addition.


Ah, okay, good to know.

And one other question sorry I don’t want to create a bunch of threads I don’t know if I’m doing bad thinking I’m doing good, but: If I want to show that it is the same track on a compilation as the one that is on an old album the button I am looking for is “merge?”

“Merge” on the recording if they are currently different, yes.

On MusicBrainz the “track” is on the release (let’s say it’s track 5 on the album), and the track is linked to a “recording”. If the same recording appears on different releases the tracks should be linked to the same recording.

When adding new releases you have the ability to link to existing recordings. If no existing recording is selected a new one will be created (which is also the safer option if one is unsure whether it is indeed the same recording). To consolidate same recordings later the proper way is to merge them. Please definitely add some edit note with some explanation / source on why the recordings are the same.


Okay, I was going through recordings, I hit search and found the other recording on the other album but then when I went to finish it says I hadn’t made any changes so I assumed they go through automatically but they did not. Sorry you’ll have to be patient with me.

Even though your original question has been answered a couple of times already, I’ll chime in with: MusicBrainz is interested in both music that is out there as well as music that was out there. Thanks for adding music info!

About your merge attempt…

I can’t see any open or completed recording merges on your account, so your merge attempt likely was neither completed nor submitted. Merges won’t be automatically accepted - they’ll have to go through a voting process. There’s a how-to in the documentation that might help: How To Merge Recordings - MusicBrainz

One thing to note is that on MB, a recording is essentially the combination of recorded sounds mixed together in a certain way, resulting in a specific mixdown. Only merge recordings of which you’re certain that they use the same mixdown; if in doubt, leave them separate. Don’t worry about mastering differences between releases, though: as long as it’s the same mixdown being used and there haven’t been substantial edits made to the track, it’s still the same recording (e.g. if one release has been mastered louder than another or if it fades out the track a couple of seconds earlier than on another release, those tracks can still be considered to use the same recording).