I need help renaming my files correctly

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Hi everyone,

I really have tried to understand the scripts to rename my files correctly, but I give up, :frowning:
Maybe someone can help me to get a script for this simple scheme:

Artist - Title.mp3

Thanks in advance.

%artist% - %title%



You’re wanting all your files to go to the same directory? If so, that’s easy:

%artist% - %title%

If you want to separate them by album or album artist, that will be a bit different.

Darn, I see that @outsidecontext just beat me to the response. :slightly_smiling_face:


You guys are great, thanks for the quick replies. :slight_smile:
It works and make me feel stupid how easy this looks.
Yes, I dont have many Files (maybe 100 - 200) and put them in the same folder for now.

May I ask another question?

I wonder if its possible to get the Coverart from the original Album of an artist, not from (Movie)Soundtracks, Best of 2000, Party Mix etc…
Is there a souce that offers mostly the Covers from the original Artist?

I assume that you’re getting and applying the coverart using Picard as well. If so, it really depends on how your files are being matched up to releases (albums) in the MusicBrainz database. When I’m tagging my files, I look up the album manually on the MusicBrainz website and then copy the release link manually into Picard. That way I know that the correct release is selected and applied.

If you’re using scan to lookup the information for the individual files, you might be able to get better results by tweaking the “Preferred release types” settings in the options. I’m kind of flying blind here because I don’t use that function, but you might try something like this as a starting point.

This should put more weight on getting albums instead of compilations, soundtracks and such.


Thanks for your help, I will try this. :slight_smile: