I need guidance on rerecordings and album classifications

I’ve edited Daniel Bautista’s Musicbrainz page, but I got into a problem that I haven’t really found any solution for. He has been releasing rerecordings of his older songs through his Home Video Sessions albums. How do I deal with associating the older songs to the new rerecorded ones? Do I put the same songs in the same recording? Also just a small extra question, is it correct that I classified the Home Video Sessions albums as compilation allbums? I haven’t actually asked for consultation until now. Thank you in advance for your help :smiley:

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“Link the works” is the answer. Look at a “Work” like the sheet music. His new recordings are just re-recordings of those same Works.

Trouble is I see no Works on his account so this makes it a little tricky. You’ll need to go back to some of his albums and find out who wrote his music so you can add the works.


Ah I see… Well, I guess I’ll have to scour his discography website again. Thank you :smiley:

Wait, just an additional question. So, I link the original and the rerecorded to the associated work? I haven’t dabbled on the Works section yet so that’s why I’m asking.


He writes a song - that is the “Work”.

He then records a song - that is a “Recording”. This is linked to the “Work”.

He then re-records the song - this “Recording” now links to the same “Work”.

As an example, I just edited the relationships on his “Covers” album and linked the works for most of those tracks. This should help make some sense of it.

Note also on the Edit Relationships pages there are buttons for bulk creating works, and you can add a writer to lots of works at the same time. So if he wrote all the tracks on his album it is pretty quick to add this in.

As a minimum you can create a work with just a title. It is much more useful if you can add a Writer credit.


Ahh I see. Thank you so much for the help :smiley:

Wait wait, very last question lol. If the work is originally by the artist and they rerecorded it, what’s the appropriate attribute to put?

Nothing. They just recorded it twice. If you know the date\year you can add that.

With a cover version there is a tick box to show artist A is performing artist B’s work.

Ahh I see. Thank you so much for the help! That stuff is really handy :smiley: