I can't seem to tag the most popular songs... whilst other obscure ones are found



I am new to this program. I have a problem I am stuck with around 2 hours now and I would really appreciate some pointers to the best-practice approach because, clearly, I am doing something wrong here.

I was just tagging a random collections of songs. Many were detected right off the bat, but many still remain undetected. With those which could not be automatically tagged, I then tried the “Extras…”->Tags from filename with which I can extract with high reliability the Title and the Album Interpret of the song. I thought, with this information it would be an easy task for Jean-Luc to get that Job done. Did not work in any case, even with Title and Interpret, no information was found.

What is weird about this is that “Search with browsers” regularly finds a whole lot of perfectly fitting matches with scores above 90. using the “Tagger” link I can always find a good match. How do I proceed?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


How come your script writing looks so good on computer? Do you use a drawing pad, or something?

On to your question, I don’t know the particular song, sorry.
Maybe you have a special version, cut off, live, etc.
Scan will only work if someone with the same track as you has taken the time to rip their CD and then to use Picard to submit an AcoustID. Do you know many people doing that? :thinking:
Look up, on the other hand, should find it by name, like a search on the site, can you paste here the search link generated by the lookup button?