Huge multi-disc classical thing: pain reduction?

Hi -

I recently scored a copy of the Hyperion Classics 40-disc Franz Schubert Complete Songs, something I’ve wanted for a while.

I’ve found no entry for this monster on Musicbrainz, and while it wouldn’t be that hard to compile one from the individual releases … that can’t happen because for the complete package, they reshuffled everything so that the presentation is chronological.

So I am facing entering a 40 disc thing, and (I hate to confess) I’ve often avoided entry on MB at all because I’ve never gotten very good at it and tend to make mistakes.

I’m sure I’m just being a weakling and need to tackle the docs, but if anyone can recommend a method for reducing the pain of entering this behemoth, I’d be grateful. I DO have the track listing for the product bookmarked (Hyperion no longer offers a physical thing, but the downloads are all available).




It’s going to be a massive job, there’s no way around that. If I were to do it, I would enter one disc at a time. There’s no need to be complete the first time. Just add an annotation to say it’s a work in progress.


Thanks. I guess that’s what I’ll do. I just wondered if there might be some tool I was missing. G

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As @mfmeulenbelt says - just write a large “work in progress” flag a the top.

The only tricks I can point to is importing data from elsewhere. Is it on Discogs? Or on the Spotify\Deezer\iTunes world?

Or remember the < Track Parser > button. If you can scrape the text from somewhere else that can be a big time saver. (I often use track Parser combined with Notepad++)

But box sets like this are not a race. Perfection takes time.

See it as an excuse to listen to your new box set. While you listen to a disc for the first time you can read the booklet and type in the names. I use boxes like this as an excuse to dig into more of the details of what makes the tracks different.

And when you finish do come back to this thread and let us know. We will celebrate your achievement with you.


Is it this one?


That is indeed it. Maybe it won’t be that bad …


Definitely don’t stress about getting it perfect straight away!

If you add one disc to start with, and then post here with the results, you will get lots of tips (and editing help, if you want it and ask for it). You can happily meander your way through a large task like this. When you get all 40 discs done, you can start teaching a MB class :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I truly appreciate all the feedback. This seems to be a nice community! :^)

I have a wedding to attend today but will try to get this started tomorrow.



Good luck on your new path in life.


OK, I have partially entered the first two discs. I’ve got track titles / times in, but there is lots of work still to do on both discs … but I thought that before I do anything more (it took a couple of tries to get this done) I would pause and ask whether it appears that I am doing the right thing(s) overall.

I’m tempted on individual tracks to not list Graham Johnson and Franz Schubert (the pianist & coordinator of the project, and the composer) every time, but simply the singers, etc. You’ll see both here, because I’m pausing in the middle of work.

It’s starting to get slightly easier. There is a learning curve.


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This is great. May I ask what is the canonical way to ‘link to an existing recording’?

Sorry if that’s a dumb question. Yesterday after I read this post I updated the ‘Artist’ field on the discs I had entered to have only ‘Franz Schubert’ in them. But I am unsure how to get the rest of the details in.

There are no dumb questions… just knowledge to learn.

To add a known specific recording
On the recordings page the search can sometimes be a bit hard to find the exact thing you want. So a trick I often use is have a separate tab open with the recordings I want to link to. Then copy the URL of the recording and Paste it into the recordings page of the release I am adding.

With this example you can bring the whole of those three CDs in from the Tracklist Page. Click Add Medium button, Existing Medium tab, then search for those three CDs by name and number of tracks.


OK, no dumb questions, but if I need to go off and read the docs, please let me know. ;^)

Do I need to first delete what I have entered so far for Discs 1 and 2, and replace (somehow) the individual tracks with the results of searches?

For example, here is what I currently have in place for Disc 1, Track 1 (the changes I made yesterday are pending approval by vote):

I am sure I can find the track sung by Stephen Varcoe on whatever disc of the series it was originally on (they all – or most of them – seem to be on MB), but how do I put all the relevant information into place? That is, without hand entering it (if possible)?

If you add new recordings, and then find that recording on another release, then you can MERGE the two recordings. You merge your new recording into the old one.

Just make sure it really is the same recording. Lengths and AcoustIDs are a good guide.