Huge mess, or my misunderstanding?

I think this is a huge mess, but I’m worried that I’m just not understanding how “recordings” work in MB.

RG in question: Release group “In the Digital Mood” by The Glenn Miller Orchestra - MusicBrainz

This album is a release of performances by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, performed and recorded in 1983. Most of the tracks, if I click on them, are only associated with the releases in this RG, which makes sense. Two of the tracks, “In the Mood” and “Pennsylvania 6-5000,” are associated with a host of other releases, at least some of which are wrong. For instance, “In the Mood” is associated with two releases that are dated 8-10 years before the recording was made. There are many later releases that could be using the same recording, but I found at least one that isn’t (I found the album on AllMusic, and the clip is clearly a different arrangement).

I’ve opened edits to create new recordings for these two tracks. Seemed the easiest way. But I"m concerned that the remaining release relationships may be a total mess. The Glenn Miller Orchestra has recorded these works more than once over the past 80 years, and I wonder how many of these releases are associated to incorrect recordings. It seems like this may be a case of over-zealous merging.


You may be confusing original recording with remastering. It looks like these are just digital remasters of the older recordings. Those aren’t separate recordings on MB. Reading the note on the back “Contains the original Glen Miller arrangements…the only updating was in the method of of recording digitally”. What an odd statement. I take it to mean, likely, that they are just digital remasters. There is no mention of anything actually being re-recorded. If there is no new mixing (doesn’t state there is) or re-rerecording, than they can be the older recordings.

No, these are re-recordings, not remasterings. One of the reissues has more comprehensive cover art on discogs that includes personnel, some of whom are obviously too young to have been part of the original Miller band.

Untangling things like this is always difficult. In addition to the various versions of the In the Digital Mood release, I think we can safely assume the GRP Digital Sampler (actually there are several) also includes this recording.

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Well, then I’d just replace all recordings on it as new recordings and put a disambiguation in the recording names that they are the “In the Digital Mood version”.

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Most of the recordings are not shared and @Beckfield has already entered an edit to split the two that are. I agree that disambiguations are in order; I’d suggest including the 1983 recording year as that will also help identify them.


That was the plan, as soon as the new recordings are created when the votes close. I’ll do it for the rest of the tracks now.

Thanks for the feedback on this.