Http:// broken?


The nice service at which did reverse resolution of ASIN to barcode(s) seems to no longer work since a while.

It only gives back “failed to query amazon” on whatever URL I’m trying.

Anyone that knows the owner of that service or alternatives?


Works for me, I entered:

hmm perhaps it only fails for URLs… the same ASIN with .de doesn’t work for me:

This is provided by Nikki, who (at least for the time being) is no longer active with MusicBrainz.

hmm I think it would make sense to have such service directly integrated to MB… i.e. one that perhaps even gives a warning if the barcode doesn’t match the ASIN.

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MB could check if the barcode search does or not return the same ASIN this does not require some hidden API nor API key, as far as I know.
Notice that this de ASIN shows the Import mark.

I haven’t gotten it to work in a while. In the meantime, both and work fine. The first opens Amazon in a new window and the second requires an annoying captcha so they’re both slightly worse than the lmfao service, but better than nothing.

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Well if some kind of support would be integrated into MB, one should only use this as a warning, if the user himself entered both, barcode and ASIN and if the two don’t match (or if the ASIN resolves to more barcodes).

Automatically setting the barcode based on the ASIN (or vice versa) would IMHO be very bad, as the ASINs have often several barcode(s) and don’t actually match the particular releases in question (e.g. artwork only from one of the barcodes, but not matching the other, different Amazon availability dates (which are often abused as release dates in MB)).

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