How would YOU share ListenBrainz?

As part of the MusicBrainz summit we decided a 2023 focus for ListenBrainz developments is features or improvements that bring in new users. A large part of this is helping you share the good word of LB among your friends, family and congregations.

So, we would like to ask: What would help you to share LB, snippets of your LB listening/profile, and so on, with others?

Think about:

  • What would you share
  • How and where would you share it (social media as well as other services/things/dreams)
  • What other things do you share, and how do they make it easy/harder

it took me a bit to think of something, but sharing playlists and albums over Discord is the main way I share music stuff these days. I quite like how Spotify embeds a player into chats and channels (it only plays 30-second track previews here):


if we can do something similar, that would be excellent~ if not, nice looking embeds would be a great substitute. for example, Bandcamp, ListenBrainz, and YouTube Music in three seperate messages:

I don’t know how Discord does it in particular, but I’d imagine it works kinda similarly for other platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and most text messaging apps.

edit: another way to share ListenBrainz more passively could be to share what you’re currently listening to, like Spotify already does with a widget on your Discord profile:


another edit: I think another welcome addition would be to add pages for artists, releases, and recordings, kinda like we’ve already got on CritiqueBrainz


Is it possible to put a header on the LB website advertising this thread? Like the database update alerts you get on MB. I don’t think a lot of LB users are going to be aware of this thread otherwise.

Some things I can think of

  • Topsters equivalent where you generate a grid of the albums you’ve been listening to that week/month/year/all time
  • Discord bot
  • FOSS widget for your personal website
  • “Now playing” bot for Twitter and other social media, might be useful for some independent radio stations?

I second this, if it’s possible.

are you talking like, a Discord music bot, or what?

Well, I have never used Discord, but I remember hearing you could use a bot to share what you were listening to on automatically.

Spotify does this by connecting your Spotify account to Discord. I don’t know how does it, as I don’t really use it that much.

AFAIK doesn’t officially support Discord rich presences, but users can use third-party tools such as this to do something like

Screenshot of a Discord profile, showing a rich presence of what the user is currently listening to on The rich presence is titled ‘Jogando’ and has the text ‘Last.fmHow Not To DrownCHVRCHES - Screen Violence: …04:37 restante(s)’There is a picture of the album art as well as a ‘View Profile’ button.


I’d really love some sort of sharable image which has stuff like top 5 or so tracks/artists of last week, as well as maybe a random stat, like top genre/tag, a track that’s been in your top listens for a few weeks, an album with multiple complete listens, fun stuff like that

being able to automatically post it to social media would be nice, but not essential~

(maybe we ought to come up with a hashtag, especially if automation is on the table, perhaps #ListenBrainzMonday or something along those lines?)

edit, I’ve made a ticket~

as a sidenote, MastoBrainz is another idea, but there’s a thread for that.