How would it be correct to add these CDs to my library?

Hi all.
I’ve got this:

Using XLD to retrieve info from MB, I get a couple of selections, among others also the actually correct one (Original Album Series). The thing is, that if I use that information, I would actually end up with one album (Original Album Series) - whereas in fact it is just a collection of albums. So I’d like to have the folder “Foreigner” in my library, containing 5 subfolders with the names of the albums… does that make sense?
Would I still be on the right path if I’d be using the MB info from the “Original Album Series” entry, but then manually change the covers for each album and also get rid of the “Disc 1/5” info?

Thanks for your thoughts on this…

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Why not, go for it :slight_smile:
As long as you don’t mind having the same release date for all of them, but you could change that manually as well.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong as this is a preference thing.

Why not match the albums to their actual album counterparts in MB? Rather than the compilation. Note that you would then be replacing label and cat. no etc etc to a different release as well - I’m not sure if you care about details like that.