How to track down the source release for information in recordings

I just edited a Sweet 7’’ from 1972 “Poppa Joe” and the used recording for the B-side had Pip Williams as producer. For all I know and all releases I checked,Phil Wainman was the producer for the songs of the 1971 LP " Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be". Now I want to find the source release, where Pip Williams was taken from. When I look at an Lp here:

Pip Williams is mentioned on many recordings as producer, when I follow the link to discogs he is not mentioned as producer at all.

Wiki tells me that Pip Williams was involved in the 1980 Album “Waters Edge” nothing else.

I can’t find the source where these informations are taken from. Should be possible with the edit search but I couldn’t manage to do this correctly.
Any help is appreciated :wink:

1 Like is the edit that added Pip Williams as producer for Jeanie (I assume that’s the recording you’re referring to), based on Images for The Sweet - Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be. I can only see “Track 3 arranged by Pip Williams” there, unless I’m missing something.

Ok I found this edit:

Pip Williams was added as producer to Funny Funny
There is a link as source:

On these pictures Phil Wainman is the producer and Pip Williams arranged one song.

The second one I found “Honeysuckle Love” has the same editor and the same pic as source, so I guess all the credits are wrong.

I did the search manually which is not the best way I guess. Why does this search:

has 0 results?

Can’t reproduce:

I tried it again and now it worked…good to know that this at least should work as i expected :wink: