How to structure school choir recording

Hi all,

I’d like some advice please.

I have a 7" vinyl recording that is a record created by my primary school and performed by the school choir.

The record label shows:

  • The recording company and studio address
  • The attribution: “Parkland Primary School Choir 1973”
  • What I assume is a label catalog number: “MP686”

There’s no track titles (although I know they are medleys).
No obvious label name (could be the recording company?).

What fields would you populate when creating this recording?

You’ve got your performer. (I’d be inclined to include the year as part of the performer name as that would both be consistent with the available cover art and also allow for annual changes in membership.)

For the Release title, in the absence of anything else, after a quick search of the Documentation that turned up nothing else, I’d use the following Guideline and be very prepared to change it if someone pointed to a better guideline.

Thanks for that.

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Another weird release.

Also - should I ignore the recording studio and assume there is no label? Even though there appears to be a catalog number?

Hi Scott.
Enter the catalog number when you create the Release.

Then after you’ve finished creating the Release and submitted it then navigate to the new Release you’ve created and, in the far right hand column, in the Editing section, click on “Edit relationships”. It is here that you can add, by using a check-box, the recording studio to all the tracks. If you know the date of the recording you can add it here too - jus the year, or if avaialble, the month and date.

Good luck

Thanks again. Is there any value putting the catalog number without a label? Seems odd.

Someone else may eventually discover and add the label name.
You entering the catalog number you have could allow them to cross-check for accuracy or they may only have the label name, performer and date and not the catalog number.

Those catalogue numbers are sometimes identifiers from the company that manufactured the release. The school would simply have ordered a single batch, the manufacturer would have delivered it and that’s it. So in that case there isn’t a label and the catalogue number isn’t very important, but it can still be used to identify the release, so it would be good to add.