How to select a country when creating a release?

I’ve always had trouble with the country of release. That’s why I would like to ask for a guide, because in many of my editions I did not enter the country and I would like to complete it.


rear cover:

Should I choose Europe?

If it is a GMBH, is it Germany and when is a Ltd is it the UK?

These corporate forms are an indication, but they are not exclusively used in Germany (could be Austria) / in the UK (could be Australia). You have to look where the company is seated/registered.
The TVT Europe GmbH (manufacturing and distribution) is from Berlin, therefore released in Germany or Europe. That’s hard to decide and not a big difference within the EU.

I also look at label, rights societies (disputed) and shops actually selling the CD (if there is no such distribution notice)

Too much trouble … :wink:

Quite often, if you want to do it properly, but in your example case the origin of the distributor is printed on the cover. :wink: