How to retrieve advanced relationship data for big releases

Hello Everybody,

Picard does not retrieve the advanced relationship data for some big releases.

This one for example:

Is there any other was to get this data into the tags automatically? It would be unfortunate if this data had now effectively disappeared into the Orcus.

I fear the way to load this data would be querying one track at a time, which would take several minutes for huge releases like this (due to one request per second request limit).

But this could be done by a Picard plugin, I think it could be useful for those rare cases to allow at least some way to tag those releases. Now someone just has to write this plugin :slight_smile:

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The time factor doesn’t really matter much, even if it took all night to tag one of these.

I’ll have a look into this. Let’s see how far my rusty programming skills & boredom in times of quarantine will get me.