How to report/ tag 'From Album X' - on Compilations

Looking at updating some compilations, the liner notes / credits for various tracks indicate which Album that track are from. For example ‘from album x (year)’. Is there a way to record this in MB/Picard?

As long as the compilation’s tracklist references the recordings from the original albums, then the relationships should be implicitly stored in the MusicBrainz database. For example, in the tracklist for Wayne’s World: Music From the Motion Picture, you can click on Bohemian Rhapsody and see that it was first released as part of A Night at the Opera on 1975-11-21.

But if you’re asking if there’s any way to record the literal “from [album] ([year])” text… I’m less sure. I don’t know whether it qualifies as extra title information if it isn’t distinguishing the track from something else. Maybe you could put it in the release’s annotation.

And presumably a Picard wizard can tell you if there’s a way to do an extra lookup for each song to set fields with its earliest release’s name and year. :slight_smile:


Sounds great and what I want, but I don’t see ‘A night at the Opera’ anywhere.

You need to click the track title to go to the recording’s page:


Thanks for the quick response. Got it!

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