How to quickly find all discs in a collection missing disc ID?


I would like to get a list of all releases in a collection that are missing a disc ID (for at least one medium). Is this possible to do either via a script (I have experimented with python-musicbrainzngs but it doesn’t seem to have a method to fetch disc IDs for a release) or via the web interface?


First, is it a public collection?

It seems you cannot access the releases inside a collection from the web service (doc).

Still you should be able to analyze the HTML page to extract the release MBID and query the discids from there. I tested quickly in javascript I could access the release mbids and use the web service to find the discids (<mbid>?fmt=json&inc=discids). Should work the same with python if your collection is public, I guess.


Brilliant. Actually it is possible with musicbrainzngs to get all the releases even in a private collection (musicbrainzngs.``get_releases_in_collection()), provided one first authenticates (musicbrainzngs.``auth()). That, plus your web-service query, should be enough to do what I want. Thanks!

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