How to properly tag YouTube re-edits by specific artist/uploader?

There’s a person running a YouTube channel by the name of “DJDiscoCatV2”. They uploaded re-edits/re-arrangements of what seems like mostly classic 70’s/80’s Jazz/Funk music typically under the name “Purrfection Version” or something similar.

I have a number of these versions in MP3 format, and am wondering what the most appropriate way to tag them would be? I assume and would personally prefer to put the original artist as the Artist Credit, but am unsure on the rest.


You could try something like this for example (I don’t know if this is one of the MP3s you have).

Title: Goodnight Tonight (Disco Purrfection version)
Artist: Wings
Remixer: DJDiscoCat
Status: Bootleg

Create a new release group and link to the original single using the remix relationship.
There is also a remix relationship that can be used to link the DJDiscoCat recording to the original.

Ask more specific questions if you need help.

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