How to name track whose cover track list doesn't match song

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I own the release, and the final track on CD1 is in MB as “Milk / Shut My Eyes”.

The actual song is Milk which leads into the next song, Shut My Eyes

However, the cover, and the booklet, only list it as Milk.

Should that track name be fixed to only show the release’s details (Milk)?


See this style guide

Particularly: " As mentioned above, [unknown] applies to “hidden” songs, e.g. track 11 on Cords’ No Guru No Method No Beeper . When they appear on a track that also has a listed song, this rule should be used in combination with the one for multiple titles, e.g. track 13 on Bush’s Razorblade Suitcase ."

In short, Milk / Shut My Eyes is correct according to the style guide.


Great, thanks for that.

It does leave it open to the listener as to which is the additional track but I guess in most cases it’s obvious.

Thanks again,