How to move tracks to the right column without adding tags?

I want to run the replay gain plugin, but that can only work if the tracks are in the right column.

Left and Right Column

The only way I know to get the tracks over to the right is to press the “scan” button, but that makes unwanted changes to my tags.

Is there a way to move tracks over without adding tags?

If your files are already tagged, you can use the Lookup Files process. You can also use the Manual Lookup and then use drag ‘n’ drop to match your files to tracks.

To avoid changing some or all of your tags, you can change the Tag Options settings.

Doesn’t seem to work.
I disabled writing tags, clicked scan and music brainz still added tags.

It may be showing the tags in the right hand pane, but are you sure that it’s writing them to your files?

I know they are not written until I save, but I really don’t want them to be there at all.