How to move a Release in another Group Release

Hello to all,
I wonder if there is a way to “move” a Release into a different “Release Group”.
The case is given by these two Releases:

  1. ede98586-96d4-417f-9958-14713b849e2e
  2. 88fe4eb8-3c1b-4771-8314-b432489add6b
    These are found in two different “Group Release” and I would like to group them in the same “Group Release”, this one: 29f620b1-be6a-4636-afa3-bfe00ac54df1
    How can I do?
    Thanks bye.

You’ll want to merge them. In the sidebar of each release group there is a link called merge.

I already tried to edit the Release to move and put in his Release Group field the link (or the PID) of the destination Release Group.
It does’nt work, why?

You’re saying I can merge two o more Groups the same way a merge Releases?

That’s because of the our editing system. Most non-trivial edits are not immediately applied instead they will stay open for 7 days.

Exactly. Any entities of same type can be merged.

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Thanks so much chaban, I’ve done the merge and I see the edit in my opened edits with a 6 day wait time.
I love this brainz.

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And if you get more votes it will apply even sooner. :slight_smile:

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