How to merge two ISRCs?

One of the two ISRCs seems to be misspelled: it contains the letter “O” instead of the number “0” in the position 4:



Is it possible to merge them? How to do this?

The recordings associated with these two ISRCs are by the same performers, with the same AcoustID. I would like to merge the recordings, but currently MusicBrainz shows a warning message that they are associated with different ISRC because of the spelling error in the ISRC.

(Added): the spelling with zero (“0”) seems to be right, because it could be found on the ISRC Finder: ISRC Search

The spelling with the letter “O” cannot be found there, so it looks like this one is a spelling error.

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They are both correct. Just ignore the warning.
Edit #32455097 shows that the one with the “O” was submitted directly from the CD. This, unfortunately, is not that uncommon. It’s okay to have more than one ISRC on a recording.


Yes it often happens, it’s no problem, we can still see they are supposed to be same.

I queued the merge.
But cancelled it, please do it, @alex_s7, I don’t know the recording. :sweat_smile:

Thank you, @jesus2099. Actually 7 recordings to be merged (same AcoustID, same performers, close duration): Edit #113595779 - MusicBrainz

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