How to merge this Genesis release


has been entered as a separate release. That’s an error, though, as it has actually only been sold as part of this box set

but never separately. How do I merge this, though? I can’t match the media to the boxset automatically.

  1. Adjust the medium positions to match between the releases, i.e. the loose release must have a CD 5, a CD 6 and a DVD 12:
  2. Copy the missing DVD tracks from the boxset and add them to the loose release (right now there are only 23 vs 26 tracks).
  3. Check again if all the medium tracklists match, submit your edits and wait until they are applied.
  4. Merge the loose release into the box set with the “Merge mediums” strategy.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. Too much hassle to clean up someone else’s booboo… I’d much rather delete in this case.

I can undertand how you might see things that way.

A quick and dirty solution would be to Annotate, making the problem clear and linking to kelnerd’s post on how to fix things.

“Delete” has the problem of leaving an orphaned MBID roaming the binary savanah.


Done, added/changed annotation.