How to manage database files?

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I’m trying to figure out the best approach to opening, viewing and managing database files.

Can someone help a novice out? Please ask me questions

Are you referring specifically to the MusicBrainz database dumps? Or what database files are you referring to?

Yes. I have been struggling for weeks. Or maybe pay a small fee to have files converted.

These dump files are made available to be loaded into a PostgreSQL database. You can either use or to do so.

Thanks. I’m on a Go Daddy server. I’m unsure if it’s Ubuntu.

Since I’m such a newb I may be better served with files already converted to CSV.

I mainly need cover art. Even that’s too complex for me. Lol

There are over 2M of pieces of cover art in the database. Plus, you will probably need to join different tables to be able to search for the relevant pieces of cover art. I doubt that CSV can be used for this at all.