How to link to a MusicBrainz ID?


I got a list with MusicBrainz IDs. I would like to check them all but my problem is that I don’t know how to link to them. Some IDs are about artists, others are about releases, others about recordings, others about labels and so on.

To give an example, I got this MB ID - 7ab77f64-f2c7-45c2-8083-f8bae76c6027 but I don’t now how to link it:

Is there any way I can link to an ID without knowing what that ID is about?

Maybe it can be an interesting idea to create link shortcuts like - to redirect to

Since the ID is unique, there won’t be any overlappings


Not sure this really answers your question, but you can use the webservice to check the entity type:

(entityType=“artist” here)


Yes, it does answer to my question, thanks. I was hoping for a solution that is more simple but this one works too.

It would be really nice to implement redirects. Many websites have that, including this forum:
redirects to




And as I mentioned in that ticket, there’s a (hidden, mostly unknown) field to find the right entity in our search page, under MBID. A pain to use it by hand every time though, so a redirect would be much better.