How to import ini file from previous version

I’m still running an out-of-support version of Linux (Ubuntu Bionic, 18.04.6 LTS) and I tried to upgrade my existing Picard install (2.5.6) using the PPA here. This failed due to unresolveable dependencies, at which point I decided in my wisdom to manually install it from a .deb file. This failed too, and removed my existing Picard install in the process.

Having no other option I then installed the latest stable version using snap (which I hate but have no option but to use at this point) and now all is well. Except for Picard’s config, which has been reset to “factory defaults” and all my scripts are gone. The old .ini file still exists (and I have a backup, too) so this should all be salvageable, but how should I go about importing the old .ini into the new Picard installation?

You can use Load Backup in Options > Advanced > Maintenance (see Maintenance — MusicBrainz Picard v2.11 documentation)

Alternatively, you can stop Picard, copy the backup ini file you have in place of the current ini file, start Picard again.