How to handle recording's first release date for rare recordings?

When is it planned to be released?

What should be the proper practice to apply on “rare” recordings. For instance the track 1.12 dont seem available prior 2003* but it comes from a 1949 TV show and we could expect to see this date.
Note: (It may have a prior release but let s imagine for the example that there s none existing)

What we should do/not do?

  1. Keep it as is (displaying 2003) since its the first release date
  2. Editing First release date on recording to 1949 (dont know if the field is planned to be editable)
  3. Create a “fake” release based on available info: “This paris” (Maurice Chevalier Radio Show) (Broadcast) - Unnumbered - ca. Sept. 1949
  4. Rely on a addin to retrieve recording date by default then First release date if no recording date available (dont know if such exists :slight_smile:
  5. Other?
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The feature on is already available. You can see it on a recording page on the right side “As first release year”. The Picard 2.6 release will come when we have an important issue solved about the UI freezing in some specific situations.

The field is automatically calculated by the first release available with this recording. So there needs to be a release.

Please note that the original topic is about how to make use of this data in Picard. Let’s keep general discussion about this feature in the database in this topic here in the MusicBrainz category.