How to handle named sections on a single "disc"


Sometimes a release has multiple sections without multiple discs. For example, the Chinatown rerelease:

Here there is the original soundtrack and then the motion picture soundtrack which cover the same songs but with different masters and mixes. Usually we would expect to get these on two “discs” but in this case it is a single digital release with two sections. How would his be handled with MB?

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In a situation such as this, you can only add an annotation to the release. You can add in the annotation something like:

Tracks 1–12 are taken from “Original 1974 Soundtrack Album”
Tracks 13–32 are taken from “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”


Yes, multiple titles in medium title and annotation, until there is something like the trackset thing:


But this change has many implications, I know it would not be easy. I don’t know if it is possible.